Bromeliad in Gold Glass Pot

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Exclusive to this website, available for pick up only. The easy to care for plant make a great gift or treat yourself. They come in different vibrant colors and varieties. Bromeliads are bold, stylish houseplants that work especially well in contemporary, modern, and tropical decor styles. Bromeliads have colorful, long-lasting blooms (which last for weeks) that contrast beautifully against the strappy green leaves. You'll typically see them flower in shades of pink, red, orange, and yellow.

In addition to their exotic look, bromeliads also improve indoor air quality, helping clear air of indoor pollutants such as formaldehyde (which can be released by paint, gas-burning appliances, and clothing that has been dry cleaned). 

Note: After the main flower on your bromeliad begins to fade, the mother plant will begin to decline. But you'll see baby bromeliads (called pups) developing around the base. Grow these out and enjoy more bromeliads!

Plant pot is 4.5" .